Group Learning Uniform Environment

GLUE! is a middleware architecture that allows a lightweight integration of existing external tools in existing Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) like Moodle or LAMS.

GLUE! is composed of three kinds of loosely-coupled distributed services: the GLUE! core, and two sets of adapters (VLE and tool adapters). While the GLUE! core supports most of the integration functionality, VLE and tool adapters wrap existing VLEs and tools, connecting them to the GLUE! core.

GLUE! allows educators to control the creation and configuration of external tool instances within VLEs and their automatic assignment to VLE users depending on their roles and the groups they belong to; that reduces the time and complexity required to instantiate non-trivial collaborative learning situations within VLEs. Afterwards, students logged in the VLE find their corresponding tool instances; That facilitates the enactment of collaborative learning situtations.

GLUE! is designed so that external developers may contribute to extend the integrated VLEs and tools by developing new VLE or tool adapters. Thus, by contributing to GLUE! you will be able to integrate your tools in all the available VLEs, without much effort. Of course, contributions to VLE adapters are also welcome.

You can try GLUE! using the test servers provided in this site. Besides, the code of GLUE! can be downloaded and installed by anyone interested in this project.

GLUE! is a research work of the Intelligent & Cooperative Systems Research Group (GSIC).