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GLUE!-PS (standing for Group Learning Unified Environment - Pedagogical Scripting) is a software architecture and data model designed to deploy (and manage in run-time) learning designs specified in different languages (e.g. the IMS-LD specification), into different existing Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs, e.g. Moodle).

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GLUE!-PS is a middleware architecture that allows a lightweight interoperability among different learning design languages and different Virtual Learning Environments. This interoperability allows teachers and other practitioners to particularize (i.e. to customize the "abstract" learning design to the particular classroom, participants and choice of tools where it is going to be enacted), deploy (i.e. to semi-automatically create the needed VLE activities, resources, etc. for the enactment of the particularized design), and even to perform certain changes in run-time (e.g. change group composition, add or remove resources from activities, etc.). All this starting from learning designs expressed in a variety of computer-interpretable learning design languages such as IMS-LD specification.

Moreover, GLUE!-PS also allows to deploy and manage learning designs into VLEs that integrate external learning tools (such as a Moodle integrating Google Docs and many others) - what we call Distributed Learning Environments (DLEs). This is achieved thanks to the GLUE! architecture for the integration of VLEs and external tools.

Supported learning design tools. Currently, the GLUE!-PS implementation only supports two learning design languages (albeit it will be extended to support others):

Supported VLEs. Currently, the GLUE!-PS implementation only supports two VLEs (albeit it will be extended to support others):

Supported external learning tools. GLUE!-PS also lets you select learning tools external to the supported VLEs, such as Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations, Dabbleboard, Noteflight, Doodle, Wookie Widgets and many others. Please visit the GLUE! architecture page for more information.

A longer video describing the GLUE!-PS:

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GLUE!-PS is a research effort of the Intelligent and Cooperative Systems Group (GSIC-EMIC). The research and development of GLUE!-PS has been partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Projects TIN2008-03-23, TIN2011-28308-C03-02 and IPT-430000-2010-054, and the Autonomous Government of Castilla and León Project VA293A11-2.


You can contact us by sending an email to "glueps at". for additional information please visit the GSIC web page.

This software implementation has been developed and maintained by Javier Hoyos (javierht at and Luis P. Prieto (lprisan at