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RICK (Resource Integration Companion Kit) is a tool for the user-oriented interactive annotation of digital resources devoted to Teacher Education. This tool allow users to describe learning resources both from scratch or from existing annotations that need to be enriched with educational and pedagogical specific tags.

RICK is a tool developed by the Intelligent & Cooperative Systems Research Group (GSIC) in the European project Share.TEC. Share.TEC is devoted to fostering a stronger digital culture in the TE field and to supporting the development of a Europe-wide perspective among those working in and with the TE community. To do this, Share.TEC has developed an online platform for all those who want to learn about, find, share and use digital resources for teacher education purposes.


You are specially encouraged to describe your resources with our interactive RICK. In addition, you can download the standalone version of this tool.


  • JWS RICK version: with this version you will avoid installation steps. It is recommended in case of annotating small amounts of resources.
  • Desktop RICK version: it requires an easy installation process. This version is the best option for those who deal with many metadata records at the same time.
  • Client keystore: this file will be required for both RICK versions in order to publish metadata records into the Share.TEC Fedora repository (see more details in the User manual).
  • RICK source code: this pack contains both the JAVA code and the libraries used during the development.
  • User manual: this document includes both the installation and the user guides, and a couple of worksheets envisioned as a kind of tutorials that intend to familiarize users with RICK by means of their examples. The first worksheet is devoted to illustrate the sequence of steps to annotate a learning resource using RICK. The second one, introduces the user to the batch mode, exemplifying how to enrich simultaneously previous metadata records that share a common description.
  • Video: how to enrich several resources with RICK (.avi, .ogv)
  • Video: how to analyze the quality of a set of metadata records with RICK (.avi, .ogv)

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This software is developed and maintained by María Jesús Rodríguez Triana. For further information mail to