Redes Neuronales

  • NEuroNet : Red de excelencia en redes neuronales
  • CNS/BU : El departamento de Cognitive and Neural Systems en Boston University (BU)
  • Michael Georgiopoulos : En la University of Central Florida, con trabajos importantes sobre ART
  • Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos : En el Florida Institute of Technology, con contribuciones y software sobre ART
  • Gregory L. Heileman : En la University of New Mexico, con trabajos importantes en ART

Aprendizaje Colaborativo Apoyado por Ordenador

Computación Grid

  • The Globus Alliance : The Globus Project Home Page
  • The Global Grid Forum : El Global Grid Forum (GGF) está formado por una comunidad de más de 5000 investigadores y usuarios de tecnologías grid.
  • LeGE-WG : The Learning Grid of Excellence Working Group (LeGE-WG) aims to facilitate the establishment of a European Learning Grid Infrastructure by supporting the systematic exchange of information and by creating opportunities for close collaboration between the different actors in the formative process.
  • ELeGI : The European Learning Grid Infrastructure (ELeGI) project has the ambitious goal to develop software technologies for effective human learning. With the ELeGI project we will promote and support a learning paradigm shift. A new paradigm focused on knowledge construction using experiential based and collaborative learning approaches in a contextualised, personalised and ubiquitous way will replace the current information transfer paradigm focused on content and on the key authoritative figure of the teacher who provides information.