National Projects

RESET: Reformulating Educational Scalable EcosysTems

Regional Projects

Support to teachers in the automatic deployment, flexible enactment and evaluation of ubiquitous learning situations that make a joint use of existing Virtual Learning Environments, Augmented Reality applications and 3D Virtual Worlds
Integrated system for the design, enactment and monitoring of gamified and collaborative learning in massive online courses

European Projects

CARESS: seCtor skills for elderly home care - An integRatEd framework for domiciliary healthcare SkillS development
The colMOOC: Integrating Conversational Agents and Learning Analytics in MOOCs

Old Projects

From universitary library to center of learning and investigation resources
Study on the viability of the methodological proposals arising from the implementation of the European credit (ECTS), by teachers of Spanish universities, linked to the use of ICT in teaching and research
Usage of telematic tools to promote and evaluate collaboration, through case-studies in practical courses within Telematics Engineering
Grid and peer-to-peer middleware for cooperative learning environments
TELL: Towards Effective network supported coLLaborative learning activities
The interdisciplinary practical training of teachers in a technological and collaborative environment
GRID based services for flexible design of applications
Hybrid-Libraries: Advanced systems and services for access to physical-virtual information sites
Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence: Concepts and methods for exploring the future of learning with digital technologies
mosaicLEARNING: Mobile, open-source, standards-based & secure, context-Aware, individualized, collaborative eLearning
SOFOCLES: Service-based architecture for the support of design, enactment and evaluation of flexible scripted CSCL situations
The Learning Design Grid: Empowering educational practitioners as techno-pedagogical designers
Learning Management System in VLE Platforms
PREATY: PRoposing modern E-Assessment approaches and Tools to Young and experienced in-service teachers
EEE: Orchestrating Educational Web and Reflected Spaces
METIS: Meeting teachers' co-design needs by means of Integrated Learning Environments