Grid and peer-to-peer middleware for cooperative learning environments



  • Cooperative Learning Environments (C.L.): define the essential characteristics an application for a university level cooperative learning has to incorporate to support cooperative learning activities.
  • Middleware: define the components of an infrastructure for distributed computation, based on the peer-to-peer and grid models, providing resource access services, security, organisation and coordination of computational processes, to enable a group of people participate on a cooperative learning activity.
  • Planning, optimization and resource allocation in a distributed system with autonomous and decentralized components, based on middleware, using algorithms based on economic systems, neural networks and neuro-fuzzy systems.

  • Analysis of theories and existing systems, simulation of middleware, construction of CL environment prototypes, and evaluation with real users.

Period of Time
From December of 2002 to December of 2005.
Financial Entity
Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology
Project Leader