Learning Management System in VLE Platforms


The project aims to develop and validate an e-learning system to complement the current Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) to a holistic view of the life cycle of learning situations including the design, implementation and evaluation of learning scripts.

The project has a budget of 1,016,909 euros and has been partially funded by the Spanish Ministery of Science and Innovation and co-funded with FEDER funds as Project INNPACTO 2010. Also participating in the project 1 company of e-learning training, 1 technology center, and 1 university, forming a consortium of 3 partners.

Period of Time
From November of 2010 to November of 2012.
Financial Entity
Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: INNPACTO Programme & European Commission: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (IPT-430000-2010-054)
Project Leader