PREATY: PRoposing modern E-Assessment approaches and Tools to Young and experienced in-service teachers


School education is reforming and modern pedagogical methods such as computer supported collaborative problem solving (CSCL) and inquiry learning are being adopted in order to promote the "21st Century Life Skills", i.e. creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving skills. These skills are needed in order for individuals to function successfully as global citizens and workers in diverse ethnic and organizational cultures. Assessment is vital to the education process. Current assessments focus on "assessment of learning" rather than "assessment for learning". They ignore individual learner differences as well as the evaluation of whether students demonstrate creative, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills - skills that are needed for learners to function successfully as both global citizens and workers in diverse ethnic and organizational cultures. Fortunately, modern assessment approaches and tools that comply with the philosophy of "assessment for learning" have been proposed since many years with great results, e.g. e-portfolio social network analysis, learning analytics or enriched rubrics. However, the majority of teachers do not know how to apply them in schools. Training material and examples of best practice in several languages about them is lacking.

Thus, the project aims at:

  • preparing teachers to apply modern e-assessment approaches such as e-portfolio, social network analysis, and learning analytics,
  • advancing teachers' lifelong learning skills by building a community of teachers for sharing, discussing, debating, and improving assessment approaches, and
  • disseminating the projects' outcomes giving emphasis on making an impact on the current school practices as well as creating exploitation plans for continuing the project work after the end of the project's funding period.
Experienced partners will collaborate for the improvement of the teachers' continuing professional development.

Period of Time
From December of 2012 to November of 2014.
Financial Entity
European Commission: Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP-1-2012-1-GR-COMENIUS-CMP)
Project Leader
  • Symeon Retalis
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