SOFOCLES: Service-based architecture for the support of design, enactment and evaluation of flexible scripted CSCL situations


The global objective is to provide an extensible architecture based on standards and services for the support of the main actors involved in the complete lifecycle (design, enactment and evaluation) of CSCL situations. The concrete partial objectives that will be progressively validated in authentic case studies and disseminated to the wider community of all actors (educational practitioners and designers, technology developers, service providers and researchers) are:

  • Propose the model, prototype and use guide of the architecture, that opens a path for the adaptation, extension and integration of successful CSCL tools and services.
  • Offer an integrated approach for the design of scripted interweaved learning and assessment of CSCL situations, as well as support for tailorable instantiation and orchestration.
  • Develop a service-based platform that provides coordinated enactment and flexible adaptation of activity and data flows, in compliance with the standard IMS-LD language, as well as a registry of significant existing / new services and tools, retrievable through an ontology-based mechanism.
  • Contribute with a methodological proposal and support for evaluation and regulation based on an adapted integration of traditional and emergent evaluation methods in a role-based framework.

Period of Time
From January of 2009 to December of 2011.
Financial Entity
Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: R&D&i National Programme (TIN2008-03023/TSI)
Project Leader
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