TELL: Towards Effective network supported coLLaborative learning activities


The TELL project is a European funded project within the e-learning programme. It focuses on the pedagogical and didactical approach of network supported collaborative learning (NSCL).

The TELL project is a methodical and systematic effort:

  • to support the understanding of the learning process that happens in networked supported collaborative learning (NSCL) process environments via design patterns,
  • to make a meta-study of methods and tools that measure the effectiveness of NSCL process,
  • to provide and propose methods and tools - evaluation toolkits for practitioners to measure the effectiveness of networked supported collaborative learning NSCL activities,
  • to offer means for training the human actors involved (or who would like to get involved) into collaborative learning activities, and
  • to support the design of new effective technological tools for collaborative learning.

Period of Time
From January of 2004 to December of 2005.
Financial Entity
European Commission: eLearning Initiative (EAC/61/03/GR009)
Project Leader
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