Integrated system for the design, enactment and monitoring of gamified and collaborative learning in massive online courses


Massive online open courses (MOOC) democratize access to learning, but suffer from serious pedagogical restrictions and high dropout rates. Current MOOC production paradigms do not include adequate technological support so that teachers can produce new designs that address these issues, and then deploy and monitor them. This project proposes a system, called SideMagic4Mooc, to support teachers along the creation, deployment and monitorization of MOOCs that make use of collaborative learning and gamification. Thus, a conceptual model will be derived collecting the problems, lessons learned and good practices to apply collaboration and gamification at massive scales. This model will be used by authoring tools to help teachers formalize the design of their courses, so that they can be shared and reused. In order to foster the adoption of the proposed solution, SideMagic4Mooc will be integrated with existing and widely accepted learning platforms, enhancing them with the required features for supporting collaboration and gamification. Additionally, it will also integrate popular web tools, and third-party gamification platforms. Thus, the teachers will be able to automatically deploy their designs in the chosen learning platform, without needing deep technical knowledge. SideMagic4Mooc will manage the creation of activities, groups and tool instances. Finally, SideMagic4Mooc will allow teachers to make their monitoring needs explicit at design-time, subsequently carrying out the gathering of data about learners activity, processing it, and delivering it to the teacher. The proposal will be initially evaluated in pilot tests without students, and then in real large-scale courses.

Period of Time
From August of 2016 to July of 2018.
Financial Entity
Junta de Castilla y León (VA082U16) - FEDER (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional)
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