Irene Ruano


International Conference Publications

Crespo-Lera, N.,  Vega-Gorgojo, G.,  Giménez-García, J.M.,  Bravo-Oviedo, F.,  Ruano, I. Using Linked Open Data for Forest Inventory Data Analysis at the Local Level Proceedings of the XVIII Annual Young Foresters Researchers Meeting, Palencia, 2, January 2024.
Crespo-Lera, N.,  Vega-Gorgojo, G.,  Ruano, I. Automatic assignment of plots from the Spanish National Forest Inventory to municipalities using Linked Open Data Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Ecosystems Management, Palencia, April 2023.
Valbuena-Pérez, P.,  Ruano, I.,  Bravo-Oviedo, F.,  Gómez-Sánchez, E. Enhancing Forest Education through Conversational Agents: A Chatbot for Educational Activities in the Context of the Virtual Forests Project Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Ecosystem Management, 113-114, Palencia, Spain, 17-21, April 2023.
Andrade-Hoz, J.,  Vega-Gorgojo, G.,  Ruano, I.,  Bote-Lorenzo, M.L.,  Asensio-Pérez, J.I.,  Bravo-Oviedo, F.,  Ordóñez-Alonso, C. Educawood: A Socio-semantic Annotation System for Environmental Education Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2021, 368-372, online from Bolzano, Italia, September 20-21, 2021, September 2021.

Spanish Conference Publications

Ruano, I.,  Andrade-Hoz, J.,  Vega-Gorgojo, G.,  Bote-Lorenzo, M.L.,  Asensio-Pérez, J.I.,  Bravo-Oviedo, F.,  Ordóñez-Alonso, C. EducaWood: una herramienta digital para fomentar la educación forestal  Proceedings of the 8º Congreso Forestal Español, Lérida, Spain, June 2022.
Bravo-Oviedo, F.,  García-Molina, J.,  Ordóñez-Alonso, C.,  Palomo-Garo, C.,  Ruano, I.,  Durango-Blanco, I.,  Doan, T.N.M.,  Sierra-de-Grado‬, R.,  Vega-Gorgojo, G.,  Herrero de-Aza, C. SMART Global Ecosystems una iniciativa para desarrollar inteligencia artificial para y con el sector forestal Proceedings of the 8º Congreso Forestal Español, Lérida, Spain, June 2022.